The PDP11/04 has landed..

tony duell ard at
Mon Feb 8 12:33:38 CST 2016

> > I heard that when Bristol University physics department got its first VAX (an 11/750,
> > somewhat before my time), it was cheaper to buy 256K memory boards full of 16K RAM
> > chips, clip them out, clean out the holes and solder in 64K RAMs rather than to buy 1MByte
> > boards full of 64K RAMs from DEC. And that is what they did....
> >
> >
> I assume they didn't buy a service contract with that

Almost certainly not. When I was there (many years later) we
did a lot of self-maintenance on everything. 

> machine?  I doubt DEC would be real happy with that.  Also,
> the 64K RAM chips need an extra address pin, were the boards
> laid out with that signal already in place?

Yes. IIRC there were some jumpers to re-set, but the boards were the same.


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