6502 CPUs

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Mon Feb 8 18:27:01 CST 2016

jameco has them fro $6

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2nd go, apologies if another version of this arrives but I sent it from a
non-list address so it might not get through with the emergency moderation
going on.

Hi folks,

Having had another bit of CBM kit with a failed CPU I'm wondering where you
lovely US folk get your spares from since ebay seems a bit ridiculous for
replacements at ukp8 a pop being the lowest price. They're surely not THAT

I know Mouser have got the 're-released' WDC 65C02 which I may end up going
for since for 10 they're as low as ukp4.37, but don't us collectors have
bundles of spares?

Funny when I think of the number of BBC Micros that have been tossed over
the years....

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