Anyone have DIBOL-11, CTS-300, or CTS-500?

Eric Smith spacewar at
Wed Feb 17 01:23:01 CST 2016

On Mon, Feb 15, 2016 at 5:17 PM, Jason T <silent700 at> wrote:
> Can you process (image) 9-track tape?

Not at the moment, alas. I have a SCSI 9-track, but it's presently
about a 20 hour drive away from here.

> I have quite a few tapes with
> DIBOL-related packages on them.  Whether any of them are actual DEC
> DIBOL, I don't know yet.  I can work up a list of titles/numbers
> soon-ish.  I do have a SCSI 9-track drive but it's not easily
> accessible at the moment (nor is the time to read them in.)  I'd be
> happy to send them off to someone who could, though.

I'd definitely be interested to know what you've got. Maybe someone
else might be willing to image the tapes sooner, but if not, I'll let
you know when I get my 9-track set up again.

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