Any PDP-7 Expertise?

Warren Toomey wkt at
Sat Feb 20 21:54:08 CST 2016

Hi all. Some of you may know me as the guy who set up the Unix Heritage
Society at We've been able to restore some of the old Unix
systems to working order, including a PDP-11/20 version from 1972.

I've just been given a scan of the assembly listing for PDP-7 Unix
which includes the kernel and some user-mode programs. The scans are
as the files 0*.pdf.

I have this crazy idea that this system could be resurrected to working
order on SimH and/or on a real PDP-7. But I'd a) need to learn the PDP-7
architecture, b) write an assembler, c) OCR the scan (manually) and
d) spend a lot of time debugging something that has no user manual and
may not even work!

I thought I'd ask here if there is any PDP-7 expertise that I could lean
on if I decided to actually proceed.

Many thanks in advance for pointers, suggestions, help.

P.S I've already found
the PDP-7 Reference Manual f75ppdp7prelimumdec64.pdf and`

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