Logic Analyser Polling ....

tony duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Sun Feb 21 08:08:06 CST 2016

> Which is your favourite ?  Why you like it and would recommend it ? and 
> .... How often you use it  ?

Does the HP LogicDart count? (it is a 3 channel logic analyser)

If so, then it's my favourite, its so convenient (not much more work than a simple
logic probe, but it tells me so much more), it is small enough to use on just 
about any machine (I don;'t worry about putting it on top of a PCB or whatever.
I use it just about every time I repair a classic computer.

If not then the HP1630. OK, it's old and there are better specced instruments
available, but this was the last HP to have schematics available, and it does
all I need for repairing classic computers. 


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