VAX 11/730 quickie

tony duell ard at
Mon Feb 22 04:50:58 CST 2016

> > On Feb 21, 2016, at 14:41 , Mike Ross <tmfdmike at> wrote:
> > Thanks for that. Are you able to provide confirmed working details &
> > pinouts for the cable? IIRC it was just three wire; Rx/Tx/Gnd? Would
> > help if I could have confirmed working setup there.
> I'll need to dig inside my machine to verify the wiring; I'll try to remember to
>  do that sometime today. I'm pretty sure that it's a simple 3-wire connection
> at 38400 baud.

It is. There are 2 positions you can connect the TU58 to the 11/730 CPU, both 
10 pin headers. One is on the backplane, the other is on the WCS board. The
latter is used in whichever version it is that has the CPU in a more conventional
box (boards standing vertically) with the TU58 mounted in the rack cabinet.

The pinouts are the same, the printset of course gives details of the latter. It's
RS232 levels, TxD, RxD, Ground, and it is 38400 baud.


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