Looking for a small fast VAX development machine

Dave Wade dave.g4ugm at gmail.com
Mon Feb 22 09:25:58 CST 2016

> >
> > If I cared about PostgreSQL I would; testing on slow/small machines is
> > a very effective way to keep developers honest, instead of hiding
> > algorithmic sins behind "hit it with enough hardware speed it's not
> > visible" - not visible, that is, until it goes into production with a
> > large job.
> Absolutely! This is a neglected concept. It applies equally to front end
> development, which is awash with bloat and resource wastage (hi Chrome!)

I remember one of the Digital India developers tell me his address book
integration tool worked fine. He had only tested it on a test address book.
He went very quiet when I told him it took 20 minutes to find my entry in
the digital All-In-One directory...

> >
> > It's one of the reasons (there are others) I no longer track NetBSD:
> > they've dropped that.
> So has Minix 3 - last I checked, x86 & ARM only - what's the point of

Things don't get tracked unless there is effort and interest.

> --Toby

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