OK, one more question about sending email TO an old VAX

william degnan billdegnan at gmail.com
Tue Feb 23 12:46:01 CST 2016

Assuming I want to send an email message to an older VAX server (Process
Software MultiNet V4.1 Rev A, MicroVAX 3100, VAX/VMS V5.5-2 ) that requires
one to format their OUTBOUND emails like this:

To: SMTP%"bill at myemail.net"

How does one send mail INBOUND to this kind of VAX mail from a modern email
like gmail?  Is it possible to format the header somehow to get the message
through?  You can't simply send a message to

system at microvax3100.vintagecomputer.net

how would I format the email address?  I could write a PHP program to
format the header "wrong" for normal purposes but "right" for the VAX
inbound I suppose.  Any tips that don't involve creating a gateway nor
changing the target VAX itself?



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