OK, one more question about sending email TO an old VAX

william degnan billdegnan at gmail.com
Wed Feb 24 05:30:14 CST 2016

I am confident DNS is set up correctly.

I have another vax server sitting next to the microvax3100 that is using a
diff. subdomain on vintagecomputer.net and this vax sends and receives mail
without issue.  The only diff between the 3100 and the other vax server is
the other is running a newer version of multinet and vms.  All configurable
multinet settings are set the same, other than the FQDN for the mail server

I can telnet into both servers using the subdomains.

No special email address formatting is needed to send and receive email
between the outside world and the other vax server (a 4000).

If I want to send FROM the 3100 VAX I need to format the address as:

To: SMTP%"bill at myemail.net"

Works fine.

If I reply to the received message however, the postmaster of the VAX does
receive the message but rejects the address FORMAT, bad address.  The
postmaster sends the external sender a rejection email:

Bad address --
Error --
%MAIL-E-USERSPEC, invalid user specification ':'

So, my question is ... If when sending from a modern Internet smtp mail
client do I have to use a special address format so my to a VAX running the
older vms/multinet can deliver it.  For example, something like

System <%"system at microvax3100.vintagecomputer.net">

It seems like the trick is how to format the header of the message.  As I
said before I can use php to make a custom header if I knew the trick to

Hope that clarifies


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