Best name for PDP-11/05-10

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Wed Feb 24 13:04:46 CST 2016

So, what's the best short name for the pair of machines, the PDP-11/05 and
PDP-11/10 (which differ only in the nameplate)?

I have generally been calling them the '11/05's, since that's what's on many
of the extant drawings, manuals, etc - and DEC seems to prefer the '05' in
manual ID's, even when the title references both - e.g.  DEC-11-H05SS-B-D is
the "PDP-11/05-S, PDP-11/10-S system manual", with the /05 mentioned first.

However, for the 11/35 and 11/40, which we seem to normally call the 11/40
(again, following DEC's lead - EK-11040-TM-002 is the "PDP-11/40, -11/35
system manual", with the /40 mentioned first), the /40 is the end user

With the /05 being the OEM machine, and the /10 end user one, we (and DEC)
seem to have picked the OEM variant in one as the 'canonical' model, and in
the other, the end-user variant.

Maybe this isn't an issue/problem, but I noticed it, and thought I'd see what
(if anything :-) others thought.


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