HP 16700A/16702A logic analyzer help request - /etc/rc.config.d/netconf file wanted

Eric Smith spacewar at gmail.com
Sat Jan 2 22:20:18 CST 2016

Thanks Paul and Glen!

In addition to my netconf referencing lan1 instead of lan0, it also
was using a [1] index for everything. Using either netconf file you
guys provided solves the problem.

I think my 16702A netconf got screwed up when I moved the SCSI disk
from the working 16702A into a 16700B option 008, which had no
internal hard disk. The test equipment reseller had apparently
separated the external 9GB SCSI drive that Agilent originally provided
with the 16700B option 008, then decided that the 16700B wouldn't boot
(duh!), so they sold it to me cheap.  It seemed that moving the disk
from the 16702A was the easiest way to test it, and it seemed to work
fine, and the 16702A seemed to work fine when I moved the disk back,
but I hadn't checked the networking until this past week.

I need to back up the disk. It has some licenses for some optional
features, such as the B4601B Serial Analysis Tool Set, which is part
of the reason I use the 16702A instead of the 16700B.

Best regards,

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