HP 16700A/16702A logic analyzer help request - /etc/rc.config.d/netconf file wanted

Glen Slick glen.slick at gmail.com
Sat Jan 2 22:39:48 CST 2016

On Sat, Jan 2, 2016 at 8:20 PM, Eric Smith <spacewar at gmail.com> wrote:
> I think my 16702A netconf got screwed up when I moved the SCSI disk
> from the working 16702A into a 16700B option 008, which had no
> internal hard disk.

Yes, moving OS disks between an A and a B model and/or between a 16700
and a 16702 model has been known to cause weird behavior. If you need
to do that it might be easiest to just do a fresh install instead of
trying to manually sort things out by hand after a disk transplant. It
takes an hour or so to for a fresh install to complete but it is
completely automated. Just boot from the CD and let it run to

> I need to back up the disk. It has some licenses for some optional
> features, such as the B4601B Serial Analysis Tool Set, which is part
> of the reason I use the 16702A instead of the 16700B.

You must not be aware of the "introScreen" lmcrypt hack. You can
regenerate a license.dat file with correct passwords for all of the
tool sets available on the software installation CD.

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