C=64 stuff FTGH in Ottawa

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Sat Jan 9 10:43:58 CST 2016

I thought I'd got rid of all my 8-bitters, but apparently not - I just
found a C=64 (the 8-bitter, not the recently-mentioned Linux machine in
a C=64 case) in storage.

The box proves to hold a C=64 proper, a 1541 floppy drive, a
C=64-branded power brick (117V 60Hz), and a cable apparently intended
for CPU-to-floppy connection (at least, the connectors on the ends fit
the 1541 and one of the connectors on the machine).

It also held another floppy drive, but I suspect that may actually be
completely unrelated to the C=64; it's the same form-factor of floppy,
but the connector on the end of the cable is a Berg-style
two-rows-of-pins connector, not any of the connectors in obvious
evidence on the C=64 itself.

This is all FTGH.  Currently in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; it might be
possible to convince me to ship, but local pickup would really be much
preferred - I have very little experience packing such stuff for
shipping, selecting carriers, and the like.

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