RT-11 Symbolic Debugger SD:

Jerome H. Fine jhfinedp3k at compsys.to
Mon Jan 11 11:58:39 CST 2016

I am not expecting a whole crowd to respond, but even one
individual would be helpful.

I also realize that very few individuals even know about the
RT-11 Symbolic Debugger, SD:, which is a pseudo device
driver what is usually activated by a BPT instruction within
a user's program  - as opposed to having to LINK in the
ODT code.

If any reading this uses either V01.00 or especially Y01.16
of the Symbolic Debugger from V05.06 of RT-11, and
in particular the SDHX.SYS variant, I would appreciate
some feedback on some bug fixes and enhancements that
have been made.  Some include:
(a)  Saving Program Counter Addresses
(b)  Support to activate other selected jobs such as KED
       (ONLY jobs that do NOT enter SD:) while the user's
       job is stopped at a breakpoint
(c)  Single Step Mode to include checking on the Number
      of Stack Additions and Subtractions - in progress
(d)  Reduced Low Memory
(e)  Interactive SET commands for the "Symbol;V" commands
(f)  SET commands for Saving Program Counter Addresses
(g)  Help text for the enhancements
(h)  Any other enhancements that you can think of that can
      be implemented from a technical point of view - feedback
      will be very MUCH appreciated

All of the changes required more than three times the original
8192 bytes of extended memory required by Y01.16 of the
SDHX.SYS variant.

Jerome Fine

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