Front Panels - Update

Rod Smallwood rodsmallwood52 at
Tue Jan 12 05:37:27 CST 2016

Hi Guys
                I just had  an email with some pictures of the panels in.
The panels are great  but the pictures not. Because you need lots of 
light to see what you are doing.
They have several skylights and the light is all wrong for  phone cameras

They are adding the final details : A and  B customisation and the 
second white line round the lock area.
The front is now matt black.

I'm changing to professional packaging as green tape and cardboard works 
but is not that pretty.
So we expect to start shipping when the new packaging arrives.

PDP-8/f and /m are waiting to be screen printed next.

PDP-11/XX are being drawn now and  I'm going to try and have at least a 
few boards ready with the
common features  before taking orders.


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