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geneb geneb at
Tue Jan 12 16:54:02 CST 2016

On Tue, 12 Jan 2016, Ian Finder wrote:

>> So instead of sneering about it, why not upload ISOs of that version?
> I wasn't sneering at it. My goal was to advise people not to waste time
> performing a 4 hour install process that takes 6 CDs that each need to be
> read in twice only to find out they can't run anything. IRIX is one of the
> worst OSes to go thru such a process for.
Because the way you worded it appeared to invalidate what was done without 
offering anything more than "a waste of time".  Had you written, "It's a 
waste of time because <logical reasons>", then I probably wouldn't have 
been a dick about it.


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