TU58 problems

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Sat Jan 16 15:47:26 CST 2016

>>> Of course all you can do at that prompt is load the microcode from
>>> the TU58, so that is what I am trying to get working.  And getting
>>> nowhere!
>> And you don't want to use a TU58 emulator?
> No, I don't want to use a TU58 emulator for the same reason that I am
> restoring this VAX and not running a VAX emulator.

I can certainly understand that.  But a TU58 emulator could be a useful
diagnostic tool.  Personally, I would try to get it working from the
emulator first; that would give me a reasonable level of confidence
that, when chasing a bug in the TU58, I'm actually chasing a bug in the
TU58 and not a bug in the CPU.

Similarly, it could be a useful diagnostic tool to connect the real
TU58 hardware to a known-working (presumably slightly more modern)
machine to see if it's willing to work that way.

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