AlphaStation 200 NVRAM Problem

Robert Jarratt robert.jarratt at
Sun Jan 17 12:36:43 CST 2016


> > I don't know if it applies to the AlphaStation 200 but I have a PWS
> > 500a
> which
> > defaults back to the AlphaBios firmware whenever the battery dies.
> > After replacing the battery, I have to connect a keyboard and monitor
> > and go through the AlphaBios menus to reset it to SRM.  (If I don't
> > replace the battery, it lets me go through the motions of resetting it
> > but it never
> starts
> > SRM.)
> >
> I believe this reversion back to AlphaBios does indeed apply to the
> AlphaStation 200 too. But in my case nothing appears on the monitor and
> nothing appears on the serial port either, I just get some beeps and a LED
> diagnostic code. It is possible that I have a cabling issue with the
serial port,
> but I did try a few combinations. If I know that I should expect output on
> serial port despite an NVRAM self-test failure then I could investigate
> further with my breakout box (don't have a protocol analyser).

Just wondering if I should expect anything on the serial port or on the
monitor if my AlphaStation has an NVRAM self test failure. Anyone know?

I still need to identify the NVRAM chip(s), although replacing them means
learning how to desolder and resolder surface mount stuff, which I have
never done before.



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