Data Recovery Services

JC White jcw1231 at
Wed Jan 20 13:22:31 CST 2016

I need to recover some files from a SCSI drive that failed over a decade ago.  Are there data recovery services that can determine if the files on the drive can be recovered or can actually do such a recovery?  Now that I think about it, I recently also had a fairly new Western Digital drive suddenly no longer be seen by any Windows PC and I really need many of the files on it.  Can anybody here tell me if drive manufacturers offer recovery services? I ask this since I saw a post somewhere that Seagate offers some sort of file recovery via cloud storage.
As you can tell, I am by no means super-knowledgeable about modern systems since I am from the WANG 2200 MVP, WANG PC, and WANG Basic 2C era, and still have a few pieces of WANG hardware collecting dust.
I apologize if I am posting this to a group where it is inappropriate.
Thank You,

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