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On 01/20/2016 11:22 AM, JC White wrote:
> I need to recover some files from a SCSI drive that failed over a decade ago.  Are there data recovery services that can determine if the files on the drive can be recovered or can actually do such a recovery?  Now that I think about it, I recently also had a fairly new Western Digital drive suddenly no longer be seen by any Windows PC and I really need many of the files on it.  Can anybody here tell me if drive manufacturers offer recovery services? I ask this since I saw a post somewhere that Seagate offers some sort of file recovery via cloud storage.
> As you can tell, I am by no means super-knowledgeable about modern systems since I am from the WANG 2200 MVP, WANG PC, and WANG Basic 2C era, and still have a few pieces of WANG hardware collecting dust.
> I apologize if I am posting this to a group where it is inappropriate.
> Thank You,
> John
If the drive's PCB turned out to be the problem, could an identical 
drive model act as a donor for a known-to-be-good PCB? Of course this 
would depend on the model of the drive. Perhaps you can share that info 
and experts here may have better ideas.

Then you just need to find the same model...and I just drilled out four 
old SCSI drives the other day to kill the data dead (software company's 
drives). Didn't think to save the PCBs...

This could also be a 'shake & bake' drive that needs a bit of trickery 
to get spinning...

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