Introduction and RK05J Drive cabling

Pete Turnbull pete at
Sat Jan 23 03:38:21 CST 2016

On 23/01/2016 00:23, Joshua Stetson wrote:

>> The other thing to be aware of is the emergency head retract batteries are
>> toast and should be replaced with a 3.6v NiCd pack, that way if the power
>> fails you don't trash a pack.

> This is also on my list of things to do. Is there anyway to test this
> function without using a pack to verify it after replaced?

With the power off and the drive opened up, try to pull the heads 
(gently) out from the retracted position.  If the battery is good, 
you'll only be able to pull them out a few millimetres before they pull 
back in (with some force).

I've found a common inexpensive 3-cell battery pack for a DECT phone is 
an exact match.  If you replace the battery, be aware that the polarity 
suggested by the black/red wires on the RK05 - at least on the RK05s 
I've seen - is the opposite to what you'd expect, so check it.  If you 
get the battery the wrong way round it will make the heads, on their 
thin stainless steel arms, shoot OUT instead of in, and your hand will 
most likely be in the way.  You can imagine how I found this out, but 
the blood cleaned off the stainless steel without any problem.


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