HP 9000/382 Questions

Rik Bos hp-fix at xs4all.nl
Sun Jan 24 14:59:38 CST 2016

> If I read the doc's correctly I only have the medium resolution system board, pity
> the graphics where not a daughter board.
> No problem with building a sync separator.
> My goal list to use the thing as a GPIB controller. Have quite a few HP
> diagnostics that are on tape (and will need to get a tape drive) that make
> extensive use of HP Basic.
> Final use  is as a bench controller for the same instruments
> -pete

What kind of tapes do you have?
DC100A (HP 98200A) are in most cases not compatible with the 9000/200-300 series because they contain HP 9825A?B programs or 9835/45 programs.
The DC300 like quick tapes like the HP 88140SC / 150 Ft.  or HP 88140LC / 600 Ft. 16 track tapes uses the HP 9144A or compatible drives.
For HP-UX systems HP used DAT tapes in the 90'th but I'm not sure if they also used them for instrument verification and test programs.
The programs I have are all on disc.
Before you put your old quick tapes in a drive you need to check if the drive belt is in good condition, if the tension is to low it will ruin the tape.
Drive belts can be retentioned by putting them in hot water >70C the belt will shrink then and go back to the right tension.
If you use the search function on the site you can find a mail from Christian Corti describing the procedure.


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