NeXTstation booting, NetInfo, and NTP

Pete Turnbull pete at
Mon Jan 25 07:28:53 CST 2016

Yesterday I dug out my NexTstation (68040 25MHz slab with 32MB of 100ns 
SIMMs) which has OpenStep 4.2 for Mach installed.  The lithium battery 
was flat and it wouldn't boot so I've ordered a replacement and 
temporarily kludged a pair of alkaline AAs to get it going. So far, so 
good, though it thinks today is September 6 2001 :-)

Then I used SimpleNetworkStarter, set to "Use the network, but don't 
share administrative data".  I've also edited /etc/hostconfig and 
reslv.conf to sensible values (eg TIME=-NO-) so it now boots quite quickly.

Is there a way to disable NetInfo completely, and if so will things like 
DNS lookups still work?

Is there an easy way to make it get its time/date settings from my NTP 
server?  During startup it does claim to start netinfo, lookupd, ntpd 
(see below), then inetd,

I have an SGI running IRIX which is my DHCP, DNS, and NTP server, and  I 
plan to set up the NexT to use DHCP to get its IP address etc (it's 
static ATM).


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