Can Windows 98SE run on an Intel I7 with SATA hard drives?

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Thu Jan 28 13:32:30 CST 2016

On 01/28/2016 10:45 AM, Liam Proven wrote:

> Well yes, but you need a host OS, and there is no reason not to
> _use_ that host OS and work on it.

You've got a point, unless of course there are aspects of the Win9x API 
that aren't supported by the more modern OS for a given application.

I've wondered for some time how long it will be before the only mainline 
OSs will employ 64 bit architecture, leaving older 16-bit code in the 
dustbin (unless, of course, there are add-on packages that support 
16-bit PM).


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