Unidentified DEC gear available, NSW-AU

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Thu Jan 28 14:11:11 CST 2016

DEC Gear available. Unlike most dec gear, I must admit that I can't identify
exactly what this is. Several racks, I was guessing AFT or Instrumentation
Testing. Looks like one or more cpu or expansion cabinets in some of the
racks, and some DEC AD/DA interface stuff. I was left with the impression
that there may be one or more racks that are not shown in the pictures
provided. I was told that racks are in "several different buildings on the
estate" (residential). The first rack looks to be in very bad shape (perhaps
a power supply), but the other racks don't look so bad.

I am not sure that I can get more pictures from the owner, but will try. I
think that in order to get pictures of the fronts (what we all probably want
to see), the owner would have to move stuff (and them) and would rather not.
The equipment is located in NSW, Australia. It sound like they just want it
to go to a good home.

If someone is local to NSW Australia and wants to spearhead going onsite to
take a closer look for others and/or pick up the gear themselves, let me
know offlist and I'll give you the contact info.

To those on the list that aren't down under - any ideas what this is?

Pics are temporarily at http://www.ezwind.net/nsw-au



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