Big-Board II & Micro Cornucopia User Group Disks?

Jim Simpson james.h.simpson at
Sat Jan 30 09:36:15 CST 2016

I'm a retired software engineer.  My first home computer was a Z80 CP/M
system built on the Big-Board II back in the mid '80s. I bought a bare board
kit and went from there.  It took me several months to collect all the parts
before I had a running system. 
 After discovering some very old M80 assembler listings while rummaging in
my basement, I've been bit by the "nostalgia bug" so I dug out my old system
and powered it on.  It still runs after all of these years.  The problem is
that I've lost most of my old 5.25 media and therefore the system utilities
. I'm looking for any Big-Board II system disk images/files I can find.
I'm also trying to recover all of the Micro Cornucopia UG diskette data.
Ultimately I want to put all of that old data on optical media for safe
I'm looking for any BB-II stuff or Micro-C user group disk stuff.  Help here
will be much appreciated!
Thanks, Jim Simpson

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