Reproduction micros

Brad H vintagecomputer at
Wed Jul 13 21:22:35 CDT 2016

It's pretty cool seeing what people are doing out there.  I like when people
replicate things that are super rare -- like the Mark-8, SCELBI, etc.    And
it's definitely cool to see projects like the Altair clone, with its big
empty case, all the hardware being emulated by a tiny little replacement

I think the Amiga project is neat, although personally I'm not sure I'd find
a need for one.  The thing about the Amiga was its wow factor -- I remember
walking into Compucentre (Canadian chain) in the mid-80s.. and there's all
the computers from 8 bit heaven and their 16 color graphics (if you were
lucky).. and then there's this one computer on a pedestal featuring a
totally real jungle cat prowling onscreen.  It just blew the doors off
everything else there, and I would go wanting for one for 20 years afterward
(now I have 5 :)).  Not sure a replica can revive *that*.

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