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Cindy wrote:
> I also participate in at least one of the "dreaded" keyboard forums.
> Why are they so dreaded to you guys?

Because they do things like ask the seller of the totally complete,
obscenely rare Symbolics 3620 on eBay in Finland if they can pay full price
but leave the system behind and split off the keyboard.

They see an IBM system in a movie, and don't go "Wow, look at that system
360," they say "Wow, look at those beam spring keyboards!"

They have no interest in restoring machines, or the history of this
stuff- and they often orphan crucial parts from rare systems. They've made
it very hard to finish the restorations of some of my systems, as they've
come to me without the very desirable keyboards which are now coveted
pieces in some nerd's collection, far away from the devices they are to be
used with.

It's like killing an elephant for ivory, or ripping the hood ornament off
of a vintage Mercedes.

If it's rare enough and you don't own the system, you have no business
owning a critical part.

- Ian

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> Thanks Jay! I enjoy helping old things find a new home.
> It is amazing to me what goes to recyclers!
> I also participate in at least one of the "dreaded" keyboard forums.
> Why are they so dreaded to you guys? I have found them to be fantastically
> helpful!
> Cindy
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> Sorry if posting my site is not allowed. If so, please delete this post.
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> Cindy - thanks for your post.
> I have seen on occasion a past commercial seller (not here any longer) not
> fit in well with the mentality of this list. You are not one of those.
> You're a perfect model of how a commercial seller can be a fantastic
> contributor to the list. I'm glad you're here, and appreciate the way you
> participate!
> Same goes for Paul A and a couple others.
> J

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