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Wed Jun 1 05:04:02 CDT 2016

On 01/06/2016 01:10, Noel Chiappa wrote:
>      > From: Rod Smallwood
>      > On switch on the console display comes up. Whilst it performs the same
>      > functions as the one in the manual it looks different.
> Hmm. Does it seem like a DEC EPROM, or someone else's? The 11/84 (very
> similar CPU) has a 'list' command which lists all the various EPROM's; does
> you console emulator provide that?
>      > What ever I do by way of setting up devices I can't get it to talk to
>      > the RX211.
> Try stopping the console emulator and falling into ODT, and seeing if you can
> see the RK211's registers from ODT. If not, does the 11/94 have that 'map'
> command in the console emulator that the 11/84 does?
> Another thing to try is, if you have some other UNIBUS device, plugging that
> in, and seeing if the CPU can 'see' it.
> 	Noel
> Hello Noel
    Thank you for your kind reply.

OK from the beginning.

1.    The 11/94 is housed in deep box located in a 42inch cabinet. It 
uses a KDJ11-E Quad proc. board.
2.    Two buses (Q and Uni) are housed in the one box and are linked by 
a special interface card.
3.    Via a pair of flat cables the CPU is linked to an I/O panel at  
the rear of the cabinet.
        As well as six nine way D (rs232) and one 25 way D  (rs232) 
sockets there is a set of dip switches to
        set up the console serial line parameters. There is also a two 
digit power on self test progress display.
4.    On switch on the self test progress display and the LED's on the 
edge of the CPU card count down
         from 77 to 04 (normal run mode)

5.    Dialog mode is entered as set by the dip switches on the I/O 
panel. Sometimes it gives the List Boot etc.
         Hitting any of the choices just drops you into set up mode. 
Setup does work and you can save the changes.
6.   The main problems are that if you try to get it to boot it says no 
controller to every device except  DD
        and that says no drive. Secondly I cant get it to go into ODT to 
look at the registers.

Comments please

Rod Smallwood

1. The PROM appears to be genuine DEC. KDJ11-E Monitor V 1.06

2.  I have seen it  the mode where it offers List etc but only with VT100

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