Decmate II

pdaguytom . pdaguytom at
Wed Jun 1 20:30:48 CDT 2016

I've got a Decmate II that has a keyboard issue.  I've tested with a LK401
that I use with my Rainbow 100 system, keyboard works fine with the Rainbow
but gives a error 48 with the Decmate.  I've had a look at the motherboard,
tracing pins 14 & 15 from the db15 connector to a series of what looks to
me to be picofuses.  Testing these in circuit with a multimeter, 4 of these
"picofuses" show a resistance of approx. 530 ohms and the remaining 2
appear to be open.  Anyone have any experience with these?   Are these
really picofuses?  Any insights would be appreciated.


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