2 x Sparcstation LX and Ultra Enterprise 2 available in Sweden.

Mattis Lind mattislind at gmail.com
Fri Jun 3 04:55:16 CDT 2016


Someone left us a couple of Sparctstation LX and a Ultra Enterprise 2 that
we are not being able to take care of.

The Ultra Enterprise 2 has 2 CPUs 200 MHz and 256 Mbyte RAM according to a
sticker on it. The Sparctstation LX configuration is unknown. I haven't
tested any of these items so the condition is unknown.

There are also a number of SCSI hard disk boxes.

If some one has a pair of slides that fit the DEC BA11-A box (PDP-11/44 or
VAX 8200?), or a floor stand for a DEC BA23 or DEC VR290 and want some
Sparcstations I would be very interested in a trade. Otherwise it is free
to a good home. Preference for local pickup. Shipping can be quite
expensive. The location is Sweden.


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