RXV21 and 11/94

Jerry Weiss jsw at ieee.org
Tue Jun 7 20:45:54 CDT 2016

On Jun 7, 2016, at 7:42 PM, Rod Smallwood <rodsmallwood52 at btinternet.com> wrote:
> Hi Pete
>      I put the memory then the cpu then the RXV21 and finally the RQDX3.
> System boots from the RX50 and the RD53 just fine.
> Now I need to run diagnostics on the RXV21 and then the RX02.
> As usual the manual tells you everything you dont need to know,
> I thought L RXDIAG  then CR and S but no the prog. was not on yhe disk.
> Suggestions on testing RXV21 please
> Rod

Check out the PDP11_DiagnosticHandbook_1988.pdf   and XXDP25 on the web.  You’’ll need to create a bootable RX50 (or emulated TU58) image.

There are several RX02 diagnostics programs and ZRXF (NRXFAO) excercises RXV21.  Others test the Drives.


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