Anyone with a Data General Eclipse S/230 out there?

Jay West jwest at
Wed Jun 8 09:42:39 CDT 2016

Josh wrote...
I just acquired a DG Eclipse S/230 in semi-decent condition. It's mostly complete with some fun peripherals in a gigantic rack.  

Josh - I've just been down that road recently. I have an S/130 that is pretty close to finished on the restoration front and I may have nuggets of helpful info for you (but Bruce here is the expert). 

Along those lines; now that I'm close to finishing off my S/130 rack, there are two racks of DG Eclipse gear left over that I do not want to keep.

One rack has a S/200 cpu (front panel scavenged), the 1/2 vacuum column mag tape drive (6021/6023), and an FPS fp array processor.

The other rack is a complete S/120 system including 3rd party paper tape and DG combo disk & 8" floppy.

I would be happy if someone would just show up at the back door with a trailer and haul them both off, but I'd prefer to get something for them... trade or cash.


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