VAX-11/780 Board Set on eBait

devin davison lyokoboy0 at
Fri Jun 10 16:14:28 CDT 2016

Well I am still holding out hope to find a vax 780 and get it running. I
did not think i would ever be able to find a pdp 11 , but one crossed my
path and i managed to pick it up. Perhaps one will still show up around
here somewhere. In the meantime ive been trying to stockpile parts for the
one day i do manage to find one and it need a board.
On Jun 10, 2016 6:03 AM, "Noel Chiappa" <jnc at> wrote:

>     > From: Devin Davison
>     > It looked like a good batch of boards and i was holding out on
> finding
>     > a machine.
> I hope that "a machine" wasn't 'an empty machine to plug them into' -
> because
> AFAICT the chances are that happening are basically zero. (People seem to
> save either i) complete machines, or ii) just the boards - apparently not
> realizing that without the backplane, etc, the boards are only useful as
> spares.)
>     > Any good place to get a 11/780 aside from watching the local scrap
>     > centers with my fingers crossed one will be there?
> For some reasons, /780's seem to be pretty rare. I suspect it's a case of
> 'they were mostly all scrapped long ago in favour of later models which
> were
> faster and smaller' (we see the same thing in other lines).
> Don't get me wrong, I truly do fervently hope that you do find one somehow,
> but one has to be realistic, I think. (I'd love to have an RF11, but I'm
> pretty sure they almost all went to the big scrap-heap in the sky many
> moons
> ago; so I'm not holding on, waiting for one to appear - rather, I'm getting
> on with the stuff that _is_ still here.) Sorry to be such a downer... :-(
>         Noel

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