Accessing a TK50 or TK70 from RT

Rod Smallwood rodsmallwood52 at
Mon Jun 13 12:55:02 CDT 2016

On 13/06/2016 17:20, Rod Smallwood wrote:
> On 13/06/2016 15:33, Jerome H. Fine wrote:
>> >Rod Smallwood wrote:
>>> >On 13/06/2016 02:33, r.stricklin wrote:
>>>> The metal tape path rollers are used as tachometers to make sure 
>>>> the tape is feeding at the correct speed. If the tape drags over 
>>>> them, the firmware will consider the transport jammed and abort. A 
>>>> drop or two of light machine oil over the axle has been enough to 
>>>> get the rollers moving again on my TK50s where this failure mode 
>>>> has occurred.
>>>> There are multiple failure domains involved. Lubricating the feed 
>>>> roller spindles doesn't solve the sticky tape problem.
>>>> ok
>>>> bear. 
>>> We have a winner !!! yes that's what I did.
>>> I had a small bottle of oil that came with my electric razor (Braun 
>>> pronounced Brown not Brawn)
>>> It even had a fine nozzle.  This is what you do.
>>> Press each roller down (They are sprung) if they do not spring back 
>>> up quickly.
>>>  then press down again to reveal the top of the shaft.
>>> One tiny drop only where the roller meets the shaft
>>> Do not spin or press the rollers.
>>> Of course it doesn't fix the sticky tape problem.
>>> But it will stop good tapes going in the trash.
>> Thank you BOTH for that information.  My experience
>> with TK70 media did not have that happen often enough
>> that I realized there was a problem.  But I will try to
>> remember to check the rollers next time.
>>> I have also been trying bulk erasing tapes and  had partial success.
>>> I used a six inch magnet that holds my  mobile antenna onto the car.
>>> On INIT it no longer says write protect but it still falls over 
>>> after about a minute
>> I am holding in my hand a cylinder that is about 2 1/2" long
>> and about 2 3/4" in diameter.  It probably weighs about
>> 5 lb.. and if I remember correctly it was the voice coil
>> from an old speaker that was so badly damaged it no
>> longer worked.  So a permanent magnet needs to be
>> fairly strong.  I suggest that you might try to move your
>> magnet in a circular motion of about 4" in diameter while
>> toughing both large sides of the TK70 plastic container.
>> If you achieve partial success with a minute or two, then
>> maybe 5 minutes or even 20 minutes might be fully
>> successful although I would agree that 20 minutes for
>> every tape is too long.  But it would at least prove that
>> the method works in principle.
>> Jerome Fine
> Thank you for your input I'll give it a bit longer.
> R
I just had a thought is the magnet in a microwave cooker magnetron 
permanent or electro?
Back in 1960's the guy who I worked for had been in radar during the war.
We had several magnetrons  about the place. They had a very strong 
permanent magnet.

He always said when the Germans recovered a magnetron from a crashed 
bomber they soon worked out how it oscillated at 10Ghz but making the 
magnet was beyond them.


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