Cross post - Help repairing badly dented / warped sheet metal casing (Seattle)

Jay West jwest at
Wed Jun 15 15:48:28 CDT 2016

Ian wrote....
Is there anyone, preferably local, with the skill and tools to make this thing look a little better who can lend a hand?

How do I get started undoing the dents and extremely bent base?

Bummer Ian.... nice machine.

I had posted a while back about how I straightened the chassis of an HP7970E tape drive that was mashed in. It involved some angle iron and long bolts. 

A link describing what I did is here:

But I don't think the picture is available any longer.

If the device in question doesn't have vents as mine did to run the bolts through... drilling a hole or two and then patching may be better solution than leaving bent...


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