Mystery HP 1000 board

CuriousMarc curiousmarc3 at
Thu Jun 16 00:02:13 CDT 2016

Yes, yes, I remember! 

[furiously searches email archive]
Jay said: "The large board on the left. I am fairly sure that I have one. I
am trying to remember what it was. I know that it made the E series into
specific test instrument. I do remember that you can remove it and it's a
normal E. I'll go see if I can find any notes I made on it. I seem to recall
it made the E cpu into a dedicated fourier analysis machine or something.."

At the time I didn't even have the card info or number. But nothing came out
of my google-ing. Is that the board you were thinking of? Did you ever find
any more documentation on it? Do you know which software/hardware this works
with? Anyone else knows?


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I have one of those boards. You sent me an email about it and I replied a
week ago :)

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Can anyone identify this HP board (see link to pictures)?

It was at under the main board of a newly acquired HP 1000-E, next to the
firmware board. It says HP 54427-60050 Booster Microcode. It has 5 bitslice
SN 74S181 chips at the back. So I surmise maybe it's a late ALU booster




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