library/book carts available

Jay West jwest at
Wed Jun 22 14:47:43 CDT 2016

Maybe a year ago I got two metal 3 shelf library carts on wheels, to hold
the manuals that were related to whatever machine I was working on at the
time. Its extremely useful to have all the manuals at hand on a rolling
stand when you're moving around working on the beast. I have not seen any
for sale since then at a reasonable price (which I'd say is $100 or less).


I just stopped at a place here in St. Louis, and I see they have 8 of these
"library/book carts" available. They are basically in mint condition, and
most of them come with old red binders on 2 of the 3 shelves. The binders
are interesting - these are those old ones with sort of cloth surfaces and
heavy metal latches inside. All the binders are about 3 or 3.5 inch wide. A
typical place I see these type of binders is in machine shops and the like,
holding press setup instructions and such. The binders are old, but the
carts are basically new looking. The carts are 42.5" tall, 31" wide, and 13"
deep. The carts hold books on one side only, and the height of each shelf
between the next is 11 & 5/8. If your binders are taller than that they
won't fit ;) $75 each.


Here is a link to an almost-but-not-quite-identical cart:


I'm buying 2 of these for myself, leaving six. I'd be happy to purchase and
hold for a while if someone non-local wants some, but it's probably not
economical to ship them. I could deliver one or two to VCFMW this year





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