Grey Wall (VMS) available (Retrieving things from another zip code, several removed)

Jim Stephens jws at
Fri Jun 24 18:44:27 CDT 2016

It is just that he is independently employeed, and makes these trips 
maybe every one or two months to recover someone, frequently for another 
agent in one of the 5 or so counties he covers.  It is hard to find 
people that can just drop things and go, but in his business, others out 
of his office can cover his reportees, and if someone skips the process 
of going out to knock is done by someone he works with if he is away.

So he is a unique resource in that regard, and because he is a bonded 
person for his work, I feel that is a plus so you can rely on something 
showing up, rather than a pig in a poke (and just have Jim's word that 
his cousin is a good dude).

Anyway, if someone wants that, or for that matter in the future if 
something shows up, he and his friends could round up and drive a load 
for you at cost+ basis.

My current Kansas City friend who is reliable is currently swamped with 
A/C business, which as you might guess has his feet glued to the KC 
area.  So if something in that area was needed, wait till the weather 
cools off and he might be available.

might be useful to have a thread with people who know relatives, friends 
or the like to do rescues to look back at when you see the odd large 
load that you'd like but in the wrong zip code.


On 6/24/2016 3:31 PM, Mark J. Blair wrote:
>> On Jun 24, 2016, at 15:00 , jwsmobile <jws at> wrote:
>> I have a cousin in Colorado that will do anything for a buck.  Email me if you are interested.
>> BTW, he's a licensed Bond agent and travels to pick up humans all over the country (florida, washington, DC, etc.), so he will pile a bunch of manuals in a rental van and drive them to you, probably for  the same amount as if it were a human.  Not cheap, but would get you your paper.  (suv rental + his time, gas, food, probably ~$450)
> This is the most hilarious offer I've heard in a long time. I'll probably not take it, but I'll darn well think about it! I wonder whether he'd consider moving a Grey Wall to be a lower or higher risk job compared to moving the usual fugitives? :D

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