contemplating selling my VT52

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Fri Jun 24 22:07:50 CDT 2016

I've been saving the VT52 I've owned for years (used it with a modem 
back in the late 80s to dial into school) with the thought of paring it 
up with a PDP-8/E, PDP-8/F, or PDP-8/M .... but I don't know that the 
PDP-8 train will ever stop here.  I've come close a couple of times, but 
have either missed the train on a good deal, or not been in a position 
to stomach the pricing some of them fetch.

So, I'm contemplating selling the VT-52.  It has age typical wear, but 
last time it was powered on, it was working.  There was a touchy 
connection that would act up once in a while requiring a tap on the side 
to bring it back around (something in the video connection no doubt).  I 
never dug into it to resolve it 100%, as it didn't happen often, and a 
'love tap' on the right side always brought it around.

I'd like to hang onto it, but it is big.

I'm entertaining offers which might sway my decision to keep/sell it.  
I'm located close to the intersection of Sharon, Easton, and Stoughton, 
I don't think shipping is an option, unless your willing to pay, and 
take the risk on something like this being transported.  If I can get a 
big enough box, I can pack it well.... but I'd prefer not to do it due 
to the risks involved.

Keep VT52 in the subject line of any e-mail you send so I can find it 
easier.  Sometimes I may only check mail here once a week, so if you are 
inquiring and don't hear from me for a while, no fear, I'll get around 
to you.

-- Curt

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