IBM 6360 8 inch floppy drive

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Tue Jun 28 03:43:32 CDT 2016

On 06/27/2016 11:32 PM, David Walton wrote:
> Hi I collect vintage IBM laptops, have just joined the community, and
> wonder if anyone can help with the following:
> 1.  Can write a Teledisk image of concurrent CP/M for Displaywriter
> to two 8 inch floppy disks which I can supply?

Probably--I think I remember something about Teledisk.  But you didn't
give your location.  Clearly if there's an international border between
us, it's going to get complicated.

> 2. Can solder a cable fie me which will interface an ibm 6360 8 inch
> floppy to a PC. I am unable to do this myself.

Maybe, but see your next point.

> 3. I have an external 5.25 floppy adapter/a inside an ibm ps/2 p70
> and wonder if the external 37 pin connector is pin compatible with
> the 37 pin connector of the ibm 6360 8 inch floppy drive?

I don't know that, but I do have the pinout for the Diskette Adapter/A.
 But I don't know (and suspect it won't) if Teledisk or even Imagedisk
will work with the DAA.

> I thought about connecting two out of the 3 cables from this drive to
> an IBM displaywriter (supplying the correct voltages etc) and the 37
> pin connector to my external 5.25 adapter/a card?

Too bad it's a PS/2 system--a legacy whitebox PC system would be easier
to work with.  PS/2 floppy drives are generally strange.


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