AJRLADO diskless controller test

Anders Sandahl anders at abc80.net
Fri May 6 02:47:47 CDT 2016


I tried to run the diskless controller test on my PDP8/A. It fails before
any tests has been executed. I suspect that my RL8A controller is broken.
The CPU tests and the memory tests works fine.

The test stopped @ address 5713 (display shows 5714), MD buff = 7402, AC = 0

Does anybody have the source code to this test? Earlier someone got the
test instructions photographed from microfishie.

The complete story is that the machine worked just fine, booted OS/8. Then
I changed the CPU from KK8A -> KK8E. The KK8E had some problems, but works
fine now. But now the machine doesn't boot OS/8 with any of the CPU's. The
diskless controller test stops at the same location with any CPU.


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