Non-DEC keyboard lookalikes (was: VT1xx stuff)

Adrian Graham witchy at
Tue May 10 14:48:57 CDT 2016

Since I now have a couple of these and google is coming up blank-ish has
anyone come across a VT keyboard, possibly from a Plessey PT100 style
terminal, that is 99% VT100 in shape, colour and key layout? Even the 6mm
jack plug though I know Apple used that too on the Lisa.

I found a message thread from here in 2002 about the VT131 and what sounds
like an identical keyboard but aside from 'don't knows' and a mention of
Plessey nothing else was found and it descended into chat about scanning
Microfiche. I toyed briefly with the thought that I'd ended up with the VT
and keyboard of those messages but the OP of that was in Champagne IL.

Earlier tonight I dismantled one of them in the hope of seeing a
manufacturer or any sort of branding but nada. There's a 2716 EPROM marked
'PKB00' which I dumped but there's nothing of note in there either.

Maybe the pic will help, maybe not since you'll think 'that's a VT keyboard'

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