Pascal/8002 or other compilers for Tek 8002 dev. system?

Eric Smith spacewar at
Wed May 11 00:47:14 CDT 2016

Does anyone have information about (or a copy of) the Pascal
Development Co. Pascal/8002 Universal Program Development Package,
that ran on the Tektronix 8002 development system? The only thing I've
found is a blurb in Computerworld 1979-08-13 p. 56.

Alternatively, I'm very interested in any other compiler that ran on
the 8002 and produced p-code or bytecode, or any such compiler running
on ANY machine which Tektronix may have used for product development.
They might well have done cross-development from a mini or mainframe,
but I'm guessing that they probably used their own 8002 system.

Context: the Tektronix DAS 9100 logic analyzer is Z80 based, and
contains many ROMs, mostly 8KB MK36000 series masked ROMs and MCM68764
EPROMs, but only one ROM appears to contain much actual Z80 code. That
8K ROM is labeled "INTERP" and contains a bytecode interpreter.
Apparently all the other ROMs are full of bytecode.  The bytecode does
not match the UCSD p-code nor the ETHZ P4 p-code. I've started
disassembling it, but haven't yet learned too much.

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