ISO: Keyboard/mouse for MIPS RC2030 workstation

David Brownlee abs at
Sun May 15 03:18:14 CDT 2016

On 14 May 2016 at 20:29, Josh Dersch <derschjo at> wrote:
> Hi all --
> Got me an early MIPS workstation, an RC2030.  I'm trying to track down a
> keyboard and mouse for it.  The keyboard connector uses an 8-pin DIN
> connector.  Anyone have any leads?  (Or know what the pinouts and protocol
> might be?)

Quite a few of the mipsco boxes used PS/2 connectors, but that would
probably be a little less interesting :)

I suspect if you could upload a picture of the ports and send a link
to the list its likely someone may recognise it...

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