HP Draftmaster II 7596A: EPROM dumps needed, urgent :-(

Martin Peters martin at shackspace.de
Sun May 22 14:49:41 CDT 2016

Hi David!

David Collins:
> Martin, I might be able to help you as I think we have a 7596A.

Great! :)

> Are these EPROMs from the processor PCA?

I think so.

> Are you able to tell me which 'U'
> numbers they are in the PC board? 

No, not now. The plotter is in the shackspace in Stuttgart and I was not
there for several weeks and now I found an email saying they want to get
rid of it. I already asked for the dumps here one year ago and now it
seems to be really urgent.

> I haven't looked at the plotter itself, but the service manual we have shows
> the following part numbers for the processor PCA 
> 07595-18039
> 07595-18040
> 07595-18041
> 07595-18042

I know. As I was told by the guy who took a look inside one year ago,
these parts do not exist in the revision we own. But I think, they only
put the firmware in two EPROMs at HP in a newer revision of the board.
And if not "only", I think the dumps would be helpful anyway. It would
be great if you could do a dump for me :-)

Many thanks,
Martin Peters
martin at shackspace.de

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