Tektronix 4404 servcie manuals needed

Al Kossow aek at bitsavers.org
Sun May 22 18:57:57 CDT 2016

time warp.

I found the manuals and software I bought in 2010, still in the unopened box
yesterday, and since then I got a base unit (no storage box).

Unfortunately, the firmware that was sent to me that I uploaded to bitsavers is
mostly FF's. Fortunately, I could read the eproms in mine, the lights blink, but
there is no video.

If someone has the scsi storage box, dumping the 6502 floppy eprom would be really
helpful (and maybe taking some pictures of the board).

Firmware and pictures of the inside of the 4404 going up on bitsavers today. I'm out
of time today to read the floppies, there are a lot, for 4404 and 4405, OS, C, Smalltalk,
and Lisp. Hopefully, readable.

On 12/13/09 12:50 AM, g-wright at att.net wrote:
> I would like to get a Tek 4404 computer going but lack any service
> manuals.  The system  turns on but has no curser on the screen.  Has
> good power from the Power supply and heater is on in the CRT.
> Has a row of LEDs on the mother board. Does anyone know how 
> to read these.
> - Thanks, Jerry

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