ND-10 software - Re: Harris H800 Computer

Tor Arntsen kspt.tor at gmail.com
Sun May 22 21:30:37 CDT 2016

On 21 May 2016 at 18:38, Mattis Lind <mattislind at gmail.com> wrote:

> I have now added some 80 more floppies to download if you would like to
> check.
> http://www.datormuseum.se/documentation-software/norsk-data-floppy-disks

Thanks Mattis!
Downloaded. I will go through them soon.

Chuck, the problem with IMDU is that it's an ms-dos program and
Torfinn hasn't yet found a working emulator for his BSD setup. I'm
sure there is one. But it's very inconvenient to have to go through
MSDOS for this, so Al's suggestion of the imd2raw tool from Convergent
is very welcome! I have just tested it and it works fine. Built on
64-bit Linux. I'll make it easy to batch-process all those images.
(And it contains a simple documentation of the IMD format, I may be
blind but I could not find any the last time I went through this or I
would have written my own tool).
(NB: Had to change 'convergent' to 'Convergent' in that URL to find it).


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