equipment & memorabilia available

Jay West jwest at
Thu May 26 07:47:26 CDT 2016

This one is a little sketchy; location is Mont Vernon, NH. Situation is a
lady's husband passed away and shes going through all his DEC stuff. She
would like to sell it, but has no idea what it is all worth. I do not have a
list that is really useful, so someone would need to contact her, go onsite,
and see what all is there and make an offer.


Below are just tidbits from several emails we exchanged. If you're
interested and local to that area and willing to take on a "project
recovery", drop me a line off-list. Please do not respond if you just want
to cherry pick one or two items unless you're fully prepared to at least
help her find a home for the parts you don't want.




I have a pdp 11 in the basement and lots of old mouldy
documentation......and who knows what else?  I'm trying to clean it all out.

also have an LA36, and who knows what else. My husband died in January and
I've a whole house to readjust to. 

I can get you the model, etc. soon. I live in Mont Vernon, NH.

Thanks for answerig...nice to know someone cares about the old stuff.

I scoped out the basement for the pdp-11 and here's what I've come up with
so far:


26   tape cylinders

12   RL02

1     Decscope

1     rx01

1     decdatasystem box

1     unknown grey metal box

1     Decwriter II

5     RT-11 oranger binders

several  LS11 System Service Manuals

other binders, etc.


I would like to sell this, but have no idea as to value, and would also like
to find someone who wants what do you think someone would pay for

Also found a copy of a RSTS auto license plate with a note to (XXXX -
husbands name) from Simon Szeto "for someone who also loves RSTS"
ahhh...the good old days. Were you a part of them?

I've found more documentation, old badges, bumper stickers, etc.

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