AT&T 5620 (Blit/DMD) software

Seth Morabito lists at
Sat May 28 16:15:08 CDT 2016

Hey folks,

I recently picked up an AT&T 5620 terminal, the WE32K version of the
Blit, and I've been tracking down software to run on my 3B2.

It looks like there are two separate packages which provide the
'layers' windowing system:

1. A package named "AT&T Windowing Utilities", on one floppy disk.

2. A package named "DMD Core Utilities 2.0", on a set of three floppy

The DMD Core Utilities set comes with a lot of demos and source code.
It installs 'layers' as /usr/dmd/bin/layers.

The one-disk AT&T Windowing Utilities has no demos, and installs
'layers' as /usr/bin/layers.

Can anyone elaborate on the difference between these two? Are
they both appropriate to use with the 5620, and should I favor
the DMD Core Utilities over the AT&T Windowing Utilities? Or
are they both needed?

Confused and lacking documentation,

Seth Morabito
seth at

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